Avast, Matey for it be World Poetry Day!

Avast, Matey for it be World Poetry Day!

To celebrate World Poetry Day, all the children in the school performed a poem on stage. Our theme this year was, ‘Pirates and the Sea’ and the children performed a wonderful array of poems to an audience of very supportive parents and pupils.

Held every year on 21 March, World Poetry Day celebrates one of the greatest ways to express feelings and emotions to bring people together. Practised throughout history, in every culture and on every continent, poetry speaks to our common humanity.

Our youngest pupils in Reception opened the event and stunned us all with their confidence and professionalism. One of the poems was even written by a pupil, Tabitha in Year 6. Every child who performed remembered their words and spoke articulately. It was a lovely way to celebrate poetry in all its forms.


The pupils performed the following poems which they had learnt during class:

Reception :                  Meet The Pirates                                Anon

Year 1:                         The Pirate Party                                  Yr 3 at Magdalen’s Penwortham

Year 2:                         The Homesick Pirate                           by Joshua Seigal

Year 3S:                       Percy The Pirate                                 by Colin West

Year 3JH:                     Sea Fever                                            by John Masefield

Year 3SH:                    Seal                                                     by William Jay Smith

Year 4R:                      The Legend of Ol’ Davy Jones             Anon

Year 4B:                      The Seafarers                                      by Ted Anthony Roberts

Year 4W:                     A Fierce Pirate Crew                           by Eleanor McLeod

Year 5 Progress           The Sea                                               by James Reeves

Year 5 Parallel            1 The Tale of Custard the Dragon         by Ogden Nash

Year 5 Parallel            2 Blueberry Jelly and Mint Ice-cream   by Mr Jonty Tan

Year 6 Progress 1        Rule of the Pirate                                Anon

Year 6 Progress 2        Piracy                                                  by Mr Jonty Tan

Year 6 Express             Three Pirates                                      by Tabitha A

Year 7 Progress           Ghost on the Wind                              by Alfred H Lockamy

Year 7 Express             Pirates are Friendly                            Anon

Year 8 Progress           A Pirate’s Ballad of the Sea                by Mrs Lucy Beedell

Year 8 Express              Blackbeard The Pirate                       by Mrs Lucy Beedell

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