Creating poppies and pebbles in Remembrance

Ahead of our Remembrance Day service at St Edmund’s Church, pupils have been busy creating poppies and hand-painting pebbles to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Over the half-term break, pupils were given the opportunity to design and create a poppy using any media to commemorate the lives lost in war. The fabulous creations, which looked striking adorning the bench the PTFA has kindly provided for the Art Garden, were made from an imaginative variety of different materials such as Lego, modelling clay and Hama Beads, whereas others were painstakingly knitted or sewn.

Amelia J (Year 5) created a very special poppy inspired by her grandfather, Major Tim Jones, 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment. The red for the poppy was taken from his dress coat and the back of the poppy reads: ‘Each black dot = 1,000 men who died in WW1 from Norfolk’. The 12 black sequins bring home the staggering fact that 12,000 died from Norfolk alone. Ethan J (also Year 5) brought in a photo of his great-grandfather along with his medals.

Pupils have been working collaboratively in their Art classes to create stunning painted pebbles to celebrate Remembrance. The poppies and pebbles will be displayed alongside our Tommy outline in St Edmund’s Church during our special service and will remain for all to see over the weekend.

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