A Fine Day at Fairhaven

The Reception classes relished their recent visit to Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden, near South Walsham. They had a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed taking part in the various woodland activities on offer.

The day started with the coach ride – always a highlight of any Reception trip! On arrival we walked through the woods to the glade where the activities took place. During the walk the children saw the two oldest trees in the gardens, King and Queen oak, both over a thousand years old!

The children loved ‘hedge bashing’, an activity that involved bashing a hedge with some plastic tubing and then studying the various mini beasts that landed on the sheeting underneath the hedge. It was lovely to see their excitement when they discovered the variety of mini beasts that they managed to find.

With this in mind it made them all keen to make their own bug hotels out of sticks and fir cones that they found in the woods. The last activity after their picnic lunch was making clay plaques using sticks, leaves and fir cones which they used to decorate these plaques. We brought the clay plaques back to School and we will be painting them over the next few days.

It was a fantastic trip and all the children were beautifully behaved, a real credit to the School.


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