We had a wonderful turnout for the second LPS@TH Careers Fair. Parents, relatives and friends, from a wide range of professions, very generously gave us the best part of a day of their time. It was a great opportunity for our pupils to explore a wide range of jobs and to chat to some fascinating people about their career paths into such diverse areas as law, engineering, the RAF, design and printing, teaching, insurance and medicine, to name a few.

Each year group in the Prep School, and some of the Pre-Prep classes who didn’t have other commitments, had an opportunity to visit as many people as possible and to ask lots of wide-ranging questions. The feedback from the children was wonderful. They loved the interactivity of the afternoon, enjoying the contour building from the Broads Authority, the digger simulator, designing their very own clown, carrying out a range of sensory experiences, making their own feather and aroma soothers, and dressing up as a judge to preside over Mr Crossley’s innocence. They also had the opportunity to learn how to tie a Half Windsor knot, fold a napkin, carry out CPR on a dummy, and so much more.

The children spoke very eloquently, asking searching questions. “What a great day we all had – it was such fun. We were extremely impressed with the quality of questions we were asked and the genuine excitement shown by the children,” Julian Barnwell, joint Managing Director of Barnwell Print.

“I liked learning about everyone’s jobs. It has introduced me to things I hadn’t thought of before,” said Rebekah H (Year 8). “I enjoyed discovering more about technical jobs with the hands-on activities. I was particularly interested in the weddings and events business and how they organised and promoted their events,” said James C (Year 8).

A big thank you to all the parents who put so much time and thought into promoting their chosen careers. “I am delighted that we are able to support the school with this careers event. Many industries and professions are facing skills shortages, so it is essential that local businesses engage with schools to promote the virtues of working in their sector and allow the children an opportunity to start understanding what the world of work has to offer. In our case, Insurance Broking may not be a choice that immediately springs to mind for a young person, so this is a wonderful opportunity to explain what we do and hopefully make it fun at the same time,” Peter Foster, Managing Director, Hugh J Boswell Ltd.

More rave reviews from the pupils:
“I learnt so much today! Loads of great things to do.”
“I had a great day, I really enjoyed drawing my clown.”
“The digger was my favourite bit, I can dig a really big hole!”
“I really enjoyed seeing all of the different jobs that I could do.”