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The Accelerated Learning (Learning Support) Department

Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall values each pupil as an individual, recognising that all pupils learn at their own rate with a particular preferred learning style. Whilst the needs of the majority are met by the differentiated planning of class and subject teachers, where any child has a specific difficulty, or is not thought to be making sufficient progress, then specialist help and advice is on hand. Accelerated learning support is provided by a highly qualified SENCO team who are able to give extra support in literacy and/or numeracy.

The department offers specialist one-to-one support, group work and support within the classroom as deemed appropriate to the need of the individual child.

We do, however, anticipate that the child will be able to access the mainstream curriculum. Essentially, our provision allows for specialist support rather than extensive individual teaching. The aim of the department is that each child is able to reach/achieve their potential.

We aim to identify pupils with specific learning difficulties as soon as possible, working in close partnership with teaching staff and parents, believing that good communication is vital to the success of the pupils. All teachers, including our SENCO team, hold regular weekly drop-in clinics to promote such communication.

This type of specialist support is partly financed from the school budget.