Music is one of the most important activities in Early Years, being used often throughout the day. Through singing, the children are learning about numbers, different animals and moving in various ways.

Our music sessions are always accompanied by musical instruments, with children learning about the sounds that different instruments make. Just like Creative Connie, the children often make their own instruments using sticks and pots in the mud kitchen during Forest school sessions, or using different pulses (pasta, rice, conkers or acorns) and plastic bottles.

Mrs Linda Jones, the Lead Practitioner in Acorns, has a magic basket with props that relate to familiar songs and children really enjoy picking up a much-loved toy and singing their favourite rhymes. The children also relish the music sessions with Mrs Allison Skipper, Head of Pre-Prep, during which they learn new songs and listen to her guitar or piano.

We are working hard practising the songs for our Christmas play and are very excited to share this magical event with all the parents soon.