Nursery’s Truly Roar-some Adventure

It was been a creative start to the new term in Nursery, exploring our shared interest in dinosaurs in a variety of different ways.

We read the story ‘The Somethingosaur’ by Tony Mitton and discussed the different events within it. The children were excited to discover some dinosaur eggs hidden in the Nursery ‘swamp’ (a builders tray filled with shaving foam and dinosaurs). Made of ice, the eggs had baby dinosaurs frozen inside them. The children were delighted to witness the solid ice gradually melting into liquid, releasing the dinosaurs within. Once the baby dinosaurs had all ‘hatched’, we counted to see how many babies were born.

We all love to get messy in Nursery so we did some dinosaur sponge printing and made paper-plate dinosaurs; some had spikes, some had long necks and some had lots of horns! They are displayed in the classroom for mummies and daddies to see. Everybody joined in making a giant Diplodocus, collaging his head, long neck, body and tail out of brightly coloured tissue paper. Freddie M loved creating his own leaves to go next to the Diplodocus and used his fine motor skills to carefully cut the slits in each one to make them look realistic.

Our fossil hunt was very successful with lots of bones uncovered in the sand-filled builders tray. The children used brushes to carefully reveal the bones.

We ended the week by reading another imaginative story called ‘Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here come the Dinosaurs!’ by Kaye Umansky. This encouraged the children to explore language about the different colours of the dinosaurs and their feelings because each dinosaur represented a different emotion.

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