Planting new seeds

Year 1 have been learning how plants grow and what they need to survive healthily. They have been busy clearing the vegetable beds near the Design Technology block which are now ready for planting when our seeds have grown sufficiently. We have sown beetroot, pea and courgette seeds along with potatoes that have already been put in the ground. A watering rota has been set up to counteract this warm weather and we are all very excited to watch it all grow!

Our History project is understanding the Victorian way of life and comparing it to today’s 20th century. The Year 1 pupils have found the strict lessons rather bewildering, but have played along with suitable straight faces! After drills in the walled garden, prayers, writing, arithmetic and alphabet writing, our pupils (and teachers!)were glad to return to normality.

Next week we shall be embarking on our trip to Cromer which connects to our transport project of earlier in the year. We will travel by minibus to Thorpe Station and board the train to Cromer. There we will visit the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum, visit the lifeboat and have of course also lots of fun on the beach. Hopefully we may encounter Mr Davies again with his boat load of crabs and lobsters like last year!

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