What we’ve been up to in our Pre-Prep hobbies

Our Pre-Prep pupils have had the opportunity to choose from a fantastic variety of hobbies this past term.

Ballet and Tap Hobby
Every Friday afternoon, children from Pre-Prep put on their dancing shoes as part of the Ballet and Tap Hobby. Their teacher, Sarah-Jayne, uses the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus to systematically teach them the skills needed to become confident and knowledgeable dancers.
In ballet, the children are beginning to learn the feet positions and we have some excellent straight legs and pointy feet. In tap, the children have to do the complete opposite and remember to use those bouncy knees!
The children love to learn the steps of a routine, improving their ability to do it with each week. They also really love to put their learning into practice. A favourite part of each lesson is their time to ‘freestyle’. They enjoy being graceful and creative whilst using their imagination and performance skills!
The children have a fantastic time each week – and, who knows, we may have the next Darcey Bussell or Lionel Blair in our midst!

“I love doing ballet and tap. It is so much fun!” – Reina B.
“I really like that I get to wear my ballet costume.” – Olivia F.

Football Hobby
One of the most popular hobbies after school is football.  It is a chance for boys and girls to be involved in an active pursuit while also learning new skills.  The pupils take turns to defend the goal area, learn to dribble and control the ball.  It is also an important part of life to know how to work as a team, collaborate ideas and learn rules for a particular discipline.

Kuk Sool Won Hobby
If you happened to walk by the Pre-Prep Hall after school on Wednesday this past term, you would have heard the sounds and counting of the Korean martial arts Kuk Sool Won.
The sessions are led by John and Jeanette Ives and new skills are demonstrated by their son Jack. John is an 8th Dan Master instructor at the Kuk Sool Norwich School in Drayton, the head quarters of Kuk Sool Won in the UK.
Kuk Sool Won has proven to be a very popular activity for the boys and girls of the Pre-Prep. Over the last term the children have learnt to count to 20 in Korean and a variety of different self-defense techniques including the horse stance, the offensive right-foot-forward stance and the defensive left-foot-forward stance. The children have also learnt how to fall and roll safely.
Each session begins with the children standing to attention and practising the different stances they have learnt over the previous weeks. The session then moves on to an activity all the children enjoy, practising their kicks using the pads. The axe kick being a favourite of many of the children.
The children then begin mat work that allows them to practise falls and rolls safely. The session ends by the children kneeling on the floor and placing their hands in a triangle and bowing to their instructors to show respect and thanks for their lesson. The children also say thank you in Korean.
The children were tested in their final session to demonstrate all the different skills and techniques they have learnt and all children received a certificate.

When asked about what they like about Kuk Sool Won, Logan G-G responded: “We get to do lots of kicks and punches. I like the axe kick.”
Angus S said: “ My favourite kick is the axe kick. I also like the palm strikes!
Neve M said: “I like doing the kicks.”
Nora S said: “It’s fun! I get to do cool moves.”
Thomas H said: “It’s really good. I like doing all the kicks, punches and rolls.”
Oliver S said: “I like counting in Korean.”

Lego Club
The children in Pre-Prep have thoroughly enjoyed their Lego Club this term with the opportunity to make lots of different models with their friends each week.
“I’d like to become a builder when I grow up because I love building with Lego!” – Logan G-G
“I love making lots of different models with Lego”- Angus S
“Lego makes me creative like Creative Connie” – Leah C
“I love playing with my friends in Lego club” – Thelo N

Drama Hobby
Pre-Prep offers a Drama Hobby for Reception to Year 2 children explore and develop their creativity and imaginations.
Using songs, games, role-play, story telling and improvisation, the hobby allows the children to explore and express themselves through words, actions and feelings. It is held in the Pre-Prep Hall in a safe, non-judgmental and fun environment where the children can participate at their own individual pace. It has been wonderful to see all the children growing in confidence and independence.
Each week the children go on an exciting themed adventure using props and our imaginations. Through the term the children begin to learn about the concept of an audience, without, of course, ever forgetting the fun!
Whether they are growing enormous turnips, sailing the high seas or going on safari to find magical creatures, the staff gently nurture and encourage the children’s imaginations while cleverly guiding them through the structured session. The perfect environment for the future stars of the stage to start or to further develop their love of acting.

Fergus G-G said: “I loved being a dragon and roaring.”
Imogen C said: “I really like pretending to be other people”.

Dance Hobby

This term in Fun Dance we have been having lots of fun learning dances to the ‘Now 98’ CD. Lots of funky and groovy routines have been taught with the children demonstrating their own styles and interpretations to the music. We have also been learning dances to songs from some of the biggest names in music, such as Queen, Abba, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Little Mix and Take That. In February we performed some dances to some songs about love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In March we invited the mums in to watch some special dance routines to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Tennis Hobby

Tennis Hobby this term has focused on serving, movement and the ready position. The children have had fun learning how to add spin to the ball by practising on their own and with a partner. The group have learned how to move around the court swiftly and effectively. Leah C said: “I enjoyed learning how to run fast.” Learning the ready position has enabled the children to be prepared to move around the court quickly in any direction to return the ball.
The games and activities have developed the children’s skills and confidence and all players have worked hard and have improved as a result. Bella B said: “I like playing Avalanche and Killer Catch, they’re fun!”
Five children have taken part in team tennis events and others are very close to being ready to compete. Raffy P said: “I’ve learnt to improve my footwork and I love winning medals in tournaments.”


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