Pre-Prep make New Year’s Resolutions

The children in Pre-Prep have come back to School bright-eyed and bushy tailed ready for the New Year! It has been a wonderful first week back including the arrival of some new pupils. It has been lovely to see the children so excited about having new friends to play with.

This week we have enjoyed learning about the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions. In our classes the children shared what they do to celebrate the New Year. Oliver R was very excited to say he got to stay up until midnight!

We all discussed our New Year’s Resolutions and the staff enjoyed sharing some of their own. Mrs Knight is aiming to drink more water and Mrs Sayer is trying to eat different vegetables. The children thought carefully about their resolutions. In Year 2 we discussed how a New Year’s Resolution can help you achieve a larger goal. Tom H is aiming to swim in the Olympics.

The children’s resolutions covered a wide range of topics. Isobel W’s resolution is to “try to eat new food”, Chinyelu’s is to “read more”, Logan’s is “to do more sport” and Nora’s is “to help mummy when she’s cooking.” We talked about our Growth Mindset characteristics and how they can help us to achieve our resolutions.

We have created balloons, kites and flags to display our New Year’s Resolutions. We are sure you will enjoy looking at the children’s ideas – you may even be inspired to make one yourself!

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