Pre-Prep’s anti-bullying assembly

Mrs Janine Daws led a special assembly in Pre-Prep for Anti-Bullying Week. The children were asked if they knew what the word “bullying” or “to be a bully” meant. “To be mean to somebody” and “If you tease someone” were the replies.

The children then watched a Disney Pixar animated clip called ‘For the birds’ which showed small birds on a wire teasing and making fun of another, bigger, different-looking bird, but these little birds, in their haste to get rid of the bigger bird, met a very embarrassing end! The children were asked if they knew why the little birds were being mean to the bigger bird and one child answered: “The other bird was different to them”. When asked how they thought the other bird felt, the response was “sad”.

Three children volunteered to come to the front to look inside a box Mrs Daws had brought in. There was something very important, special and unique inside the box. When they looked inside, the children smiled and laughed, and they all agreed that what was inside was different and unique. They were asked in turn what they thought of the contents of the box – one said: “It’s funny”, another said: “It’s pretty”, the third said: “I like it!”. They all looked into the box and saw something different but there was definitely only one thing in there.

The rest of the children were delighted and amused to see that there were mirrors inside the box. We talked about how everyone is different and has their own interests and character. We talked about boys and girls liking the same things like the colour pink and whether it is right to tease a boy because he likes pink, or make fun of a girl because she likes football.

Pupils are awarded House behaviour tokens for kindness and consideration of others, and each week the winning House is presented with Mumbles the Bear wearing their House colour. The children’s names are also added to our Kindness Tree in the Pre-Prep Hall. Children can share their worries in our rainbow corner which is home to the Magical Fairy Worry Plaque; “The plaque glows red when you place your hand on it and think of your worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, signifying your worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.”



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