Pupils motivated by GB Athlete visit

Marilyn Okoro, Double Olympian, 800m, 4x400m, ‘Raise Your Game’

As part of the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we were thrilled to welcome Olympic Bronze Medalist Marilyn Okoro into School, with the charity Inspired Through Sport.

A two-time Olympian, World Championship medallist and European Championship medallist, Marilyn is up there with the best of British athletes.  While her main event is 800m, Marilyn also has impressive records in the 400m, 4x400m and the 1500m. Marilyn represented Great Britain at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

All Prep School pupils arrived at School in their games kit ready for this special event. The day started with an Assembly led by Marilyn, who shared her sporting journey with the children, allowing them to understand the hard work and dedication needed in order to achieve their goals. She explained how her journey to the top had not always been plain sailing and reiterated the powerful message that having a Growth Mindset can make a real difference to anyone’s success in life. Hard work, discipline and resilience are key, as well as having the determination to overcome any obstacles along the way. Another pearl of wisdom is the importance of turning any negative into a positive, and to learn how to grow from criticism and to remain true to your own values whatever other people may think of you.

The children had an opportunity to ask Marilyn some of the questions they had prepared and she then led a fitness circuit session with each year group in our spacious Sports Hall, encouraging pupils of all sporting abilities to challenge themselves and to keep going, even through the most exhausting exercises, such as doing the plank!

Such an inspiring speaker, Marilyn showed the children that the Growth Mindset soft skills we encourage them to develop throughout their time at the School are key to leading a happy and successful life (Tenacious Learner, Creative Thinker, Team Player, Effective Participator, Self-Manager, Reflective Learner).

Prior to this visit pupils were provided with sponsorship forms to obtain support for completing the morning’s circuit. The School will receive 65% of the funds raised towards new sports equipment, and the remaining funds will help support the next Team GB athletes on their Olympic journeys.

This was a fun and enjoyable day for all the children and a fantastic opportunity to meet such an inspirational Team GB athlete.

Mrs Sarah Menegaz, Director of Studies, said: ‘Thank you to Inspired Through Sport for this wonderful opportunity and to Marilyn Okoro for being such an inspiring role model and for reiterating the important message that ‘through effort, we succeed’.”

Quotes from Year 7:

Ryan W: “Marilyn is very determined and she has the right mindset to get round problems and difficulties. She was inspiring.”

Danny W: “Marilyn is tenacious and resilient and look how far she has come! Very impressive.”

Harvey E: “Marilyn showed us that when you fall, you have to get back up again and keep trying.”

Mill H-K: “Marilyn showed us that we should keep going even when it gets tough!”

Ruby K: “You have to lose to learn.”

Madeleine B: “It’s about trying your best, it’s not always about winning.”

Arthur C: “She was very influential especially when she said that you must never give up.”

Harriet: ” She spoke about the hard, gritty stuff and how you have to work hard and give up a lot for it.”

Tabitha A: “Marilyn showed us that success is a steep rise and that having a Growth Mindset is important.”

Isabella S: “Being part of a team also helps you to overcome difficulties.”

Isaac B: “She is passionate and hardworking and is always trying to achieve more. Very inspiring!”

James C: “She is motivational and inspiring. She doesn’t want anyone to give up.”

Trinity B: “She is passionate and positive. I loved that she said that you should not let what other people say affect you.”


To view Marilyn Okoro’s inspiring presentation in Prep Assembly, click here.

To find out more about this charity please visit www.inspiredthroughsport.co.uk.


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