Our special journey to the shrine at Walsingham

Year 4 had a very informative trip to the shrine at Walsingham. The children have been learning about pilgrimage and special journeys in their Religious Education lessons.

We visited three different churches: the Russian orthodox with colourful icons around the walls, the Roman Catholic Church with beautiful stained glass, and the Methodist chapel built by Wesley.

The children were full of interesting questions and observations. Archie R said it was ‘the best trip’; he really enjoyed looking at the artwork illustrating Jesus’ final journey. Arthur C said it was ‘brilliant’. Mary L explained lots of the ritual within a Greek orthodox church service and Susannah H pointed out glass with special oils used in special religious celebrations.

The children went to the shrine itself and were invited to light a candle and make a small prayer or silent wish if they wanted to.

We were so impressed with their openness and confidence – in fact, our Walsingham guide described the children as ‘perfect’. They really were a delight and we know that they have taken much from the visit.

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