Toddlers bring a ray of sunshine

Toddlers bring a ray of sunshine

May day in the Woods


Toddlers made the most of the sunny weather  by visiting the woods and the Forest School areas. On their walk up to the woods they picked bluebells and had a good look under lots of logs and we found creepy crawlies everywhere – one beetle was so friendly with Mrs Flatters it nearly ran up her sleeve! They had their photos taken in the lovely bluebells which the children were able to take home and add to their family photo album.
Back indoors the children enjoyed plenty of imaginative play: Raffy and Reuban played in the sand with dinosaurs, Freddie was making lots of pretend phone calls and typing away on the laptop in the vets surgery role play area. Lucas and Romeo had great fun in our Toddler Gym area balancing on the feely beams, rolling the shiny balls around and crawling through the tunnels. Eva-Belle along with everyone else also helped themselves to a plant pot, scooped the soil into it then added a few sunflower seeds to take home to watch it grow.

On another week in May the toddlers enjoyed another walk into the woods where they watched Year 4 pupils continuing to build the School’s new outdoor pizza oven. The children had so much fun in the outdoor classroom; they used crayons to colour in some work sheets. We had drawings of a giant tree from Eva-Belle and Lucas drew some beautiful bluebells that surrounded us as we walked. Perfect ways to spend a day in May.

Enjoying a touch of Spring


Despite the rain and grey skies, toddlers still enjoyed a touch of spring with a visit to the Nursery building for craft activities. April arrived all dressed in pink and got herself busy making beautiful flower pictures using lots of glue to stick down her images taken from gardening magazines. Raffi and Reuben created their own woodlands by using photographs we took last week of the boys in the bluebell woods. Lucas was busy exploring sand, using different tools to scoop up the sand to help improve and strengthen his fine motor skills, it was like a beach in the classroom afterwards. Romeo was very busy showing his Grandpa all the toys but we are not quite sure who enjoyed playing with the Lego and animals more so! Ty did brilliantly well creating his own picture by adding birds and grass. Sophia and Eva-Bell made a very artistic picture of a caterpillar, using small balloons which they covered in paint and pressed onto paper to form its creepy crawly body.

Crafty Lot


The children had a very busy day with lots of activities on offer. Lucas enjoyed making stars from our homemade playdough, whilst Romeo lined up all the farm animals onto the counter, ready for them to make their way to the farm. Teddy loved talking to his daddy on the phone in the Vets area and Jemima and Krisham held races on the train track.
Our craft activity was very popular with all of the children, especially Reuben and April. They painted their hands yellow and printed them in a circle to make a sunshine and then made a complimenting cloud picture using cotton wool to stick on to make them look realistic. Raffi , feeling slightly tired soon  perked up when snack time was being prepared and songs were sung. Sophia and Sebastian arrived later on for the session and joined straight in with the rest of the group enjoying the remaining activities.

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