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Ages 1 to 2

Form Age Group
Toddlers 1 – 2
Taverham Hall Toddlers Tuesday Only
After School Care
Afternoon 1:45 – 2:45 pm n/a

This is where the quest for knowledge and love for learning all starts. For Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall toddlers – it’s child’s play!

Toddlers from around one to two-and-a-half-years old meet every Tuesday in the Nursery 1 building from 13:45 – 15:00. Sessions provide fun-filled opportunities for our youngest pupils, along with their mums and/or dads to play, interact with others and learn.

Activities, toys and investigative play expand toddlers’ imaginations and encourage physical dexterity. Many early development goals are achieved through inside and outside play, ensuring toddlers are well prepared for the new challenges offered in Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall’s Nursery. Take a look at our news pages on the right to see what our toddlers get up to.

The proximity of the toddler group to the Nursery facilities, and in turn to the Pre-Prep and Prep schools, makes the transition to the next stage easy. Children benefit from being in a familiar setting and seeing older children during their daily routine.

Government inspections and regular lesson observations ensure high standards are always maintained and result in consistent praise our Early Years teaching.

In June 2014 the School’s Nursery was inspected by the Independent Schools isi logoInspectorate (ISI) team who rated the Early Years Foundation Stage provision as ‘outstanding’ in ALL areas:

  • How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend.
  • The contribution of the early years provision to children’s well being.
  • The leadership and management of the early years provision.
  • The overall quality of the early years provision.

“The EYFS has continued to provide the high standards reported in the previous inspection.”

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(Previously, the school was visited by Ofsted in January 2010 and the ISI team in November 2010 who both found the quality and provision in the EYFS to be outstanding‘ then)Please see below for links to full details of these inspection reports.

View our latest ISI inspection report June 2014

View our ISI inspection report November 2010

View our Ofsted inspection reportt January 2010

Why not bring your toddler along for a trial to see how you both get on? For a free ‘TODDLER GROUP VOUCHER’, contact the Admissions Secretary on +44 (0)1603 868206, or email Alternatively open days are held throughout the year – why not come along and see what our fantastic school has to offer?

Find out more about enrolment and school fees please visit our Admissions page.