Mrs Lucy Beedell and Mr David Sowry took some members of Year 6 to participate in a Balloon Debate at Langley Senior School.  The 6 Express English class have been creating biographies on a deceased famous person of their choice and have written persuasive speeches to convince an audience that they should remain in a sinking hot-air balloon, which needs to lose passengers in order to regain height and not crash!

All the speeches were impressive but the class voted for the following to perform at the debate: Cara F, Freddie M, Tuesday P and Louis M. They competed against four Year 6 children from the Langley Senior School and all performed exceptionally well on the day but Tuesday was voted by the judges as the overall winner. Louis won a prize for his costume and Kyran D and Summer N won a prize for their biographes.

It has been a very educational project for all the children over recent weeks and Mrs Beedell is very proud of what they have achieved. It was a fantastic day of excellent debating and a chance for all of them to show off their amazing biographies. Our thanks to Langley Senior School for hosting the event and being such warm hosts. We look forward to next year.

Year 6 Participants
Constance B: Emmeline Pankhurst
Gracie C: Irena Sendler
Kyran D: Pythagoras
Edith D: Avicii
Cara F: Rosa Parks
Joel F: Anne Frank
Joel F: Alexander Fleming
Alex G: Benjamin Franklin
Emily H: Emily Davison
Millie J: Marie Curie
Freddie M: Charles II
Louis M: Leonardo da Vinci
Alex M: Martin Luther King
Summer N: Mary Seacole
Thomas O’N: Winston Churchill
Tuesday P: Hedy Lamarr
Rory R: Nelson Mandela
Zoe S: Florence Nightingale
Audrey W: Roald Dahl