Boarding at Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall

Our aim is to offer a warm, homely, caring and fun environment in a family atmosphere. Every boarder is treated as an individual and is encouraged to learn to exercise a degree of freedom in a responsible way.

As such we aim
• To safeguard the welfare of each boarder.
• To develop a child’s inner resources, self reliance and self confidence.
• To encourage positive and valuable friendships with day pupils and other boarders.
• To enable children to broaden their horizons.
• To encourage tolerance and an appreciation of the needs of others.
• To promote boarders successfully taking on more responsibility, growing in independence further as they progress to Year 8 in a familiar environment.
• To provide a wide range of activities for the boarders to enjoy.
• To provide a boarding experience that fully prepares the boys and girls for their senior school careers.

How we fulfil these aims

• We develop an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
• We encourage care and thought for others leading to responsibility when a senior boarder.
• We create happy, comfortable surroundings suited to the needs of boarders.
• Our rooms and corridors look colourful and interesting with input and help from our boarders.
• We arrange an ever changing programme of activities and opportunities for relaxation.
• We encourage teamwork to foster a respect for others, kindness and thoughtfulness.
• We encourage links with parents in the support and development of their child as a boarder.
• We provide opportunities for leadership and responsibility through our boarding mentor roles.

Regular Boarders’ Forums ensure everyone within our boarding community has an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on aspects of boarding at Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall. The School’s Independent Listener, Rev. Seabrook, is also invited to attend these forums.

Each term a wide range of activities are on offer for our boarders to get involved in. See below the list of activities for Summer 2019:

“All boarders are successfully inducted into the community by buddies and staff, and soon learn to become independent, self-managing and confident.” ISI Educational Quality inspection report 2016

“Boarders report that they are extremely happy with their boarding experience.” ISI Boarding Welfare
inspection report 2014 which covered all of the following areas:

Boarding provision and care.
Arrangements for welfare and safeguarding.
Leadership and management of the boarding provision.

“Boarders receive an outstanding level of pastoral care across the school community.”  “They are cared for by staff who know them well; their views are sought and they feel listened to. The school provides pupils with a safe and nurturing environment and an extensive programme of activities that contributes to their social and self-help skills.”  Ofsted Social Care and Boarding Environment inspection report 2011 – the School was rated ‘Outstanding’  in all of the following areas:

Helping children to be healthy.
Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe.
Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do.
Helping children make a positive contribution.

For children who reside with us, boarding is more than just a place to sleep. Here at our Taverham Hall site it is a world of warmth, adventure, friendship and independence. Put simply, it’s home-from-home.

The boarding dormitories are packed with family photos, pictures and games. Children enjoy a personal space to make their own and no two dorms are the same. Personal duvet covers and keepsakes help children to develop a sense of identity while maintaining an important link with home.

Our boarders range in age from 7 – 13 years old. Friendships are forged across the years and the natural instinct for older children to look out for the younger ones is encouraged. Respect for each other’s differences and needs come naturally to our close-knit community.

“The school’s inclusive ethos ensures that boarders do not experience discrimination.” ISI

In our familiar and supportive environment, boarding experience is particularly valuable as preparation for boarding in senior schools. Children who live locally often take advantage of our flexi boarding and taster night options to see for themselves what boarding offers. One or two nights a week can be enough to encourage confidence and independence. Most children after all enjoy having a sleep over with friends!

Parents and boarders say that the school is successful in its stated aim, to ensure the boarders feel cared for, valued and happy and that they leave the school as well rounded, confident individuals.”  ISI

Weekly boarders board with us from Monday morning at breakfast time until Friday afternoon. This option is particularly popular with families who might otherwise face a long daily commute and it enables pupils to participate in boarding life during the week.

Flexi boarding is a very popular form of boarding, with children spending one, two or more set nights a week at school or on an ad-hoc basis.  For parents who find themselves with unexpected work commitments it can be a helpful addition to their support network.

Day pupils often switch from flexi to weekly boarding as they progress through the school.

All meals are prepared on school grounds by our own catering team who are dedicated to providing nutritious, healthy food options – and making them appealing to children! Day pupils, from Nursery to Prep, join boarders for a cooked meal at lunchtime.

Our option for day pupils to stay for dinner and/or join in at breakfast time can be helpful for busy parents. The 18:00 hours evening meal also allows for a little extra playtime with friends who board whilst breakfast is served from 07:45 hours.

The forest setting at our 100 acre Taverham Hall campus provides great opportunity for evening den building, tree climbing and all sorts of outdoor games. Barbecues are favoured in the summer while pampers evenings and film nights in the dorms and hide and seek in the grounds are popular activities all year round. Snooker, pool, table tennis and table football are also available.

Just as vibrancy and stimulation is essential for a happy child, we also understand that relaxation and nurturing is important too. Cosy corners stuffed with cushions and sofas, TVs, DVD players and music systems allow for that all-important down time. The headmaster resides on site with the school’s residential house parents. Other staff also ‘live-in’, so children never need to look far for a little individual attention.

‘The quality of boarding education is excellent; no effort is spared to ensure that it is a positive and enriching experience which contributes significantly to pupils’ personal development. The boarders relate very well to one another and to their house staff.’ ISI.

Please contact us to find out more about our boarding options.