Children from Reception to Year 8 relished the opportunity to recite and perform a poem with their Drama class on stage in front of an appreciative audience during the School’s third Poetry Festival in celebration of World Poetry Day.

This year’s theme was ‘Myths and Legends’ and it was wonderful to hear such a variety of poems and authors being recognised. We heard about mermaids, the Minotaur, dragons, Robin Hood, King Midas, Pandora and many more iconic characters.

Head of English and Drama, Mrs Lucy Beedell, said:  “I am confident it has helped to broaden the children’s knowledge on this topic and it has certainly inspired some to read more poetry.” The pupils performed brilliantly and we were very impressed with both their projection and diction, not to mention their acting skills and comic timing! Well done to all for a thoroughly entertaining morning.

The Pre-Prep children came over to Big School to perform their poems, featuring magical fairies, powerful gods and fearsome dragons. Every child was given the opportunity to perform on stage and all of the parents were invited to watch.

Reception recited ‘Fairy Lorn’ by Rose Fyleman. The poem talked about the life of a fairy and all of the mischievous things they get up to. Each class recited a line before joining in all together for the final verse. The children were very expressive and remembered their lines beautifully.

Year 1 performed ‘The Golden Touch of King Midas’ by Paul Perro.  Each verse told the story of King Midas in great detail and the children impressed the audience by recalling their lines perfectly. They emphasised important elements of the poem by using drama to express the emotion and humour.

Year 2 enacted ‘St George & The Dragon’ by Brenda Williams.  The children used actions to stress the ferocity of the dragon, who enjoyed “tasty children” for his dinner. As the princess was captured, and the girls screamed helplessly: “Don’t let me die!”. The knights courageously conquered the dragon, and the boys rejoiced in their conquest. The poem was concluded by the townspeople joining together to celebrate their victory, before all of the children turned around on stage to reveal the Flag of England in solidarity.

All of the Pre-Prep staff were incredibly proud of how the children presented themselves on stage to such a big audience. Mrs Beedell closed the festival by commending the children’s performances. A special thank you was given to families for helping children to learn their lines and for supporting our World Poetry Festival.

Reception: ‘Fairy Lore’ by Rose Fyleman
Year 1: ‘The Golden Touch of King Midas’ by Paul Perro
Year 2: ‘St George and the Dragon’ by Brenda Williams
Year 3S: ‘Atlantis’ by Herman Scheffauer
Year 3F: ‘The Myth of the Minotaur’ by Paul Perro
Year 3H: ‘The Mermaid’ written by 3H
Year 4R: ‘Wild Unicorns’ by Paul Chafer
Year 4B: ‘Dragons’ by Ted Glines
Year 4W: ‘Dragon’s Breath’ by Christian Ek
Year 5 Progress: ‘Myths and Legends’ by Derek James
Year 5 Development: ‘Medusa and Minotaur Take Tea’ by R Piercy & E Wright
Year 5 Express: ‘The Minotaur’ by R Piercy & E Wright
Year 6 Progress: ‘Hercules’ by Anon
Year 6 Development: ‘To Asgard’ by R Piercy & E Wright
Year 6 Express: ‘Siren Song’ by R Piercy & E Wright
Year 7 Progress: ‘The Labours of Hercules’ by Anon
Year 7 Development: ‘The Legend of Robin Hood’ by Anon
Year 7 Express: ‘Pandora’s Box’ by Paul Perro
Year 8 Progress: ‘The Myth of Perseus and Medusa’ by Paul Perro
Year 8 Express: ‘Over the Misty Mountains’ by J R R Tolkien