Colourful characters leapt from the pages of our favourite books as the whole School celebrated World Book Day. Celebrations take place all over the world to recognise the magical power of books – and pupils and staff were delighted to be apart of it. (In other countries World Book and Copyright Day takes place on 23 April.)
The children looked fantastic and we are very grateful to the support from the parents who helped with their costumes.
Matron Ives astounded everyone with her stunning costume as Nanny McPhee, complete with a prosthetic nose and warts (and her pet black crow made by Head of Art, Mr Nigel Edwards), and we had a complete set of dwarves and Snow White.

The day began with a special World Book Day Assembly in the Prep School led by our Head of English & Drama, Mrs Lucy Beedell (aka Miss Trunchbull), who highlighted the importance of reading and some fun facts about books. Pupils were reminded about our Reading Incentive Challenge in their Planners and given some tips on how to complete it.
We watched a short video by children’s author Jeremy Strong about how to write humorous stories.

The children were treated to a game called ‘Beat The Teacher’ where Mrs Sarah Howe, Mr Ed Wood and Mr Kris Harris were pitched against the pupils in a quiz about children’s books and literature. Unsurprisingly, the children won and the defeated teachers were sent to the ‘Chokey’ as a punishment!

During the day the children enjoyed lots of book-related activities and staff read extracts from their favourite books. Some pupils gave a presentation on their favourite book to the class and others created book reviews. We also participated in DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) at 10:15 when the whole school stopped what they were doing and read a book. It was amazing to witness everyone on site completely engrossed in a book for 15 minutes.

To encourage the children’s reading even further, they were all issued with Book Tokens. Most of the Prep School pupils used them to purchase the World Book Day books displayed at the recent Book Fair and we have heard some very positive feedback from the children about how much they are enjoying reading them.
The intention of this annual celebration – and our termly Book Fair – is to make the children more aware of books, authors and stories and to inspire the children to read more. We are confident we have achieved this. It was a fun and exciting day and we can’t wait for next year!

Pre-Prep Mark World Book Day in Style

All of Pre-Prep made a huge effort to dress in costumes as their favourite book character for World Book Day! The assembly hall was filled with Harry Potters, Mary Poppins and many more lovable characters. All of the costumes were fabulous and, as difficult as it was to choose, one child from each class was awarded with a prize of a brand-new book. The prize for each class went to:
Oak: Mollie M
Acorn: Sophie B
Willow: Charlie N
Sweet Chestnut: Mollie A
Cherry: Rafferty E
Apple: Lois W
Beech: Amaya N
Sycamore: Evie M
Cedar: Marla G
The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and it left everybody wanting to pick up their favourite book to spend more time with the characters we all love!