Growth Mindset remains a pillar of our school ethos and our pupils continue to collect well-deserved House Points for displaying the learning attributes that are so key to their success in education and in their future life and career in a forever changing 21st century world.

Our Growth Mindset superheroes in Pre-Prep are now well-embedded into school life and we have Creative Connies, Resilient Rogers, Participating Peters, Independent Ivys and Collaborative Macs and Mabels aplenty! Whilst playing with their new den-building equipment, Pre-Prep pupils have been demonstrating all of these soft skills. For more about this, read

The recent introduction of the Prep School Baccalaureate at the top of the Prep School has really helped to amalgamate the soft skills into our vibrant and rigorous curriculum.

Year 7 pupils are currently transferring the best examples of their attempts at being independent, reflective, creative, tenacious, collaborative and effective communicators into their bespoke PSB Skills Passports. For example, one pupil demonstrated how he had been an effective participator by contributing to class discussions and suggesting the use of suspension techniques to solve an issue with a bridge in DT.

Years 6, 7 and 8 pupils are also making great strides with the Wensum Award, a holistic and inclusive approach to recognising achievements and encouraging the development of skills for life. We have plans for an exciting award ceremony later in the Summer Term for children who will have achieved the requirements, showcasing their strengths, experiencing the new and taking on challenges.  Some examples of new undertakings by the pupils so far include cooking a meal for their family, seeing a play at the theatre and changing their bed sheets. Through effort, we succeed!

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