U8 Netball Festival (End Zone)
A small group of Year 3s took part in an End Zone Festival hosted by Norwich School, which involved passing the ball from one end of the court to the other to a team member who was standing in the zone to receive a pass and therefore score a point. The object of the festival was more about participation than competition for the girls, but an ideal opportunity to showcase how far their passing, catching and teamwork skills have come on since the beginning of term. No shooting was involved and no points were recorded. Our girls demonstrated just how much they have improved in these areas, and footwork, in particular, where they excelled. We have a lot to look forward to with this bunch over the coming years so watch this space!
Well done, girls, for your commitment and enthusiasm this term. It has been a real treat to see your tremendous progress in such a short space of time.

Team: Ella A, Venna M, Syna S, India G, Isabelle S, Imogen C, Leah C, Lucy S