U13B v Town Close Score: 18-8
The match started evenly with end-to-end netball, finishing the first quarter 3-3. With a few things to work on, LPS@TH came out in the second quarter fighting and played some excellent Netball, putting them into the lead at half time. Again the girls attacked rapidly up the court and defenders, Tabby and Summer, worked hard, turning over the ball on numerous occasions. Shooters, Alex and Maddie, were on fire and didn’t give Town Close a chance as they put away every attempted shot. Sara worked tirelessly as centre and moved the ball up and down the court with pace and precision, leading to more goals and finishing the match with a 18-8 win! Well done, girls – a great, feisty performance and well done to Maddie who was voted Player of the Match by Town Close.

Team: Sara B (C), Tabitha A (GD), Maddie B (GS), Alex G (GA), Tuesday P (WA/WD), Cara F (WD), Marianna L (WD/WA), Summer N (GK), Rebekah H (WA,C)

U13A v Town Close Score: 15-14
The perfect conditions for Netball with glorious sunshine, a slight breeze and a group of girls determined to show what they were capable of. The Town Close opposition got off to a flying start putting on the pressure and playing at such a fast pace from the onset. LPS@TH fell into the trap of rushing and found themselves constantly losing possession towards the end of the first quarter, despite the score being level at 2-2. The next quarter continued to be a bit of an uphill struggle for the girls, with Town Close dominating play and putting them in the lead by 8-3 at half time.
At this point, the LPS@TH girls’ determination and tenacity came to the forefront and they showed that they are a strong cohesive team. Every one of the girls jumped that little bit higher, marked their player that little bit tighter, extended their reach that little bit further, and in fact, truly raised the bar. This undoubtedly had a knock-on effect on the whole team performance and by the end of the third quarter, they were trailing by just one goal: 10-11.
With just 10 minutes to go, it was all to play for and the home team continued in the same vein, fighting for every ball, chasing back if they lost possession, keeping their heads up and growing in confidence with each minute left on the clock. With only two minutes to go, the score was even and both teams had the opportunity to take the lead. However, it was LPS@TH who scored the final goal to claim victory by 15 goals to 14.
It would be unfair to single out any particular girl for their perseverance, persistence and contribution today; they all just stepped up to the mark and did a great job!

Team: Ruby K, Lily-Ella PH, Milly HK, Emily H, Edith D, Gracie C, Izzy S, Alex G

U13C v Town Close Score: 4-7
The girls started off really well and the first quarter was a very closely fought contest. There were some great interceptions from Sara, Millie and Amelie in the middle to win the ball. The quarter finished 2-1 with it all still to play for.
In the second quarter Town Close managed to pull away with it a little, extending the lead by a few goals. However, the defenders in Harriet, Sophie and Trinity did not give up; if it hadn’t been for their tenacity, there could have been a few more goals scored by the opposition.
The third quarter was more even, with both teams scoring one more goal, leaving Town Close ahead going into the last quarter.
In the final quarter the girls showed real character and fought right to the end. They upped their shooting form with Zoe, Abbie and Ella all contributing goals. The girls won the fourth quarter, but unfortunately there were not quite enough goals to catch Town Close. A great effort and they should be really pleased with their performance today.
Millie was Player of the Match voted for by Town Close.

Team: Abbie A, Ella B, Zoe S, Amelie T, Millie J, Sara O, Harriet D, Sophie CR, Trinity B