U9B v Town Close Score: 12-2
Town Close had first Centre but Bella intercepted the ball and LPS@TH found themselves 1-0 up within 20 seconds of the start whistle. LPS@TH were off to a flying start with dynamic runs and movement from Venna and Theresa, and great teamwork and shooting from Ella and Sophia as they worked together in the shooting circle, creating more chances and goals between them. Although Town Close tried to put pressure on, Bella and Grace were not giving them the slightest chance as they intercepted every ball that came their way. LPS@TH were 7-0 up at half time. A few position changes were made but this didn’t affect the girls, as Bella found herself shooting and scoring every chance she had. Venna and Emilia’s movement in the middle linked the defence and attack as they worked tirelessly and found lots of space. Town Close managed to find a way in our defensive circle but defenders Freya, Ella and Grace kept the opposition to 2 goals all match!
Well done, girls! An awesome match of Netball from everyone one of you! It was amazing to see you all play so well. A special mention to Bella who got voted player of the match by the Town Close girls.

Team: Bella B, Ella A, Venna M, Sofia H, Freya F, Theresa B, Emilia P, Grace S

U9C v Town Close Score: 2-3
The U9C team set about striving to beat their Town Close counterparts. Syna as Goalkeeper worked alongside Danielle at Goal Defence. With India at Centre, Imogen as Wing Attack and Lissi as Wing Defence, the girls supported their teammates admirably to endeavour to maintain possession. Isabelle played Goal Attack, with Emilia as her shooting buddy. A particular strength that our girls have across the board in this age group is their good footwork and this was no exception. They passed the ball well and Danielle was responsible for some great interceptions in defence. At half time the girls were 3- 0 down, but in the second half their passes showed more fluidity, they were attacking more, and with two great goals from Isabelle ably supported by Emilia, they kept the opposition at bay. Sadly, this was not quite enough, and the whistle blew leaving the final score 2–3.
More match experience for all these girls will bring them on in leaps and bounds, but what a great afternoon of Netball and a very promising little side for the future. Well done, girls.

Team: Emilia P, Isabelle S, Imogen C, India G, Lissi J, Danielle W, Syna S

U9D v Town Close  Score: 1-6
Excited at the prospect of a competitive school match, the girls got into their stride and put into practice all the skills they have been learning in their first term of Netball. They faced tough opposition who had quite a height advantage over them, however this did not deter our girls and they worked hard for the duration. Syna made some very good interceptions as Goalkeeper, ably supported by Esme at Goal Defence and Isobel at Wing Defence who, despite having a ball hit her face in the first half, bravely carried on and showed just how much she has improved, making some lovely drives into space. Lucy was particularly tenacious at Centre, fighting for every ball and Georgina showed great promise at Wing Attack, feeding the ball into the shooters Isabelle and Amelia, who scored a superb goal.
Things to work on for the girls are to mark that little bit tighter, jump that little bit higher and be that little bit more aggressive on court. However, it was a lovely game to watch and every girl supported each other and demonstrated good teamwork. Well done, girls.
P.O.M Lucy S.

Team: Amelia S, Isabelle S, Georgina S, Lucy S, Isobel W, Esme G, Syna S

U11B v Town Close Score: 5-12
LPS@TH had first centre and went 1-0 up within 30 seconds of the whistle. Beeston then put the pressure on us to put themselves in the lead. LPS@TH made it easy for Beeston as they struggled to keep possession and their final ball into the circle to the shooters was letting them down making it easy for Beeston to intercept. The final quarter came and the girls finally started to play the netball I knew they could play, they kept possession and played the ball around into space making it hard for Beeston to mark but it was just a little too late.

Team: Rachel S,Lois C, Grace S, Sophie C, Emily B, Susannah H, Emily B, Zinhle N

U11C Netball v Beeston Score: 16-4
The U11C team got off to a flying start. Within the first five minutes, Liella as Goal Attack had scored five goals and was in formidable form. Freya, who was supporting her admirably at Goal Shooter and feeding balls into her from the edge of the circle, also added to the score, making it 6-0 after the first quarter. Emily showed just how much she has improved this term with some fine interceptions. With Emily at Goal Defence and Captain Olivia as Goal Keeper, they formed a powerful partnership, making it difficult for the shooters to get close to the post. Sky at Wing Attack and Daisy at Wing Defence also showed just how much their game has come on, and Mary at Centre was on fire, fighting for every ball that came in her direction or not!
In the second quarter, Connie came on as Goal Defence, and she too got stuck in and made some good interceptions. By half time the score was 10-1 in LPS@TH’s favour. At this stage the girls were put in less familiar positions and with Mary and Liella exchanging bibs. Mary went on to score a further three goals taking the score to 13-3 by the end of the third quarter! In the last quarter, the girls continued to extend their lead by three further goals taking the final score to 16 -4.
What a fantastic display of Netball, girls; you all showed great character and proved that positivity and determination are key. Just brilliant!

Team: Freya S, Liella-Grace F, Sky H, Mary L, Daisy S, Emily M, Olivia G, Connie C