U11A v Town Close   Score: 18-4
Our girls started the match slower than usual with some misplaced passing and inaccurate shooting but soon put that right with a very strong second quarter. Issy and Milly dominated the mid-court and Grace soon found her form in the circle, leading the way 9-3 at half time. We used this opportunity to play the girls in different positions and we demonstrated how versatile we can be, maintaining our dynamic and fast-paced movement with Evie W finding her shooting form. We saved some of our best netball until last, with player of the match, Rachel H, hardly missing in the final quarter. A fantastic and dominant performance girls – very well done.

Team: Evie G, Evie W, Beau K, Issy M, Millie P, Grace H K, Rachel H

U11B v Town Close Score: 3-3

After starting a bit rusty and going 2-0 down in the first quarter, the girls went into the second quarter with a bit more determination. Lois, Mary and Rachel marked tightly and made numerous interceptions, denying Town Close, leaving the quarter goalless. Going into the third quarter the girls were still in the game and started to play some great netball. Susannah, Alice and Grace attacked together as a team creating some lovely attaching Netball and they found themselves level going into the last quarter. Despite a goal from Emily and the girls having the majority of possession and numerous chances to go ahead, the match finished 3-3.
Well done, girls – a great second half performance and well done to Grace who got voted Player of the Match by the Town Close team.

Team: Rachel S (GK), Lois C (GD), Mary L (WD), Susannah H (C), Alice H (WA), Grace S (GA), Emily B (GS)

U11C v Town Close report to follow

U11D v Town Close Score: 1-10
Our D team showed real character today against a taller and stronger opposition, not giving up and finishing the game with a smile. We were a little slow starting once again, and our opposition’s shooters were on form. Connie and Abbie defended very well, intercepting play on many occasions but we were a little static in the mid-court, finding it hard to move into space and get the ball into our circle. Liella showed real tenacity to win the ball and scored our only goal of the game. Keep working hard in practices and we will keep improving in matches. Well done to all of you and to player of the match, Connie.

Team: Lana K, Abbie R, Connie C, Milly E, Ellie R, Daisy L, Nicole M, Liella F

U9A vs Town Close  Score: 7-2
The girls faced Town Close in their second netball match of the season. The game started very evenly, ending the first quarter 2-2. A quick quarter time talk to remind them of the Dos and Don’ts and they came out in the second quarter on top. They kept possession and moved the ball around the court well again keeping them ahead going into the last quarter. Evie and Sophie worked tirelessly in the mid court giving shooters Angelica and Theresa lots of chances which they converted into lots of goals. Defenders Olivia, Bella and Amelia continuously intercepted the ball not giving Town Close a chance to shoot and made some great turnover attacks which resulted in more goals.
Well done, girls, on a great performance! It’s great to see you all playing so well and enjoying it!

Team: Angelica H (GA), Theresa B (GS), Evie B-S (C), Sophie M (WA), Olivia B (WD), Bella B (GD), Amelia R (GK)

U9B v Town Close Score: 4-2
This was the second outing for the U9B girls’ Netball team in less than a week and this time they played a full match outside against Town Close. With Venna at centre, India at wing attack and Isabel at goal attack, the girls worked tirelessly to get the ball into the circle where Sofia showed her prowess at goal shooter and scored the first goal to take the lead. The score remained at 1-0 until the end of the first quarter. The girls continued to fight for every ball in the second quarter with Emilia, at wing defence, getting into space frequently to receive the ball from Ella who, at goal defence, intercepted the ball on several occasions to deny the opposition that elusive goal. This quarter was very evenly contested with both teams scoring a goal each, taking the half time score to 2-1 to LPS@TH. The next period saw the girls extend their lead by a further goal from Sofia and continued excellent defending from Ella and Danielle who worked incredibly well together under pressure in their defending third. With the score at 3 -1, Freya took a turn at playing goal attack, showing her versatility, and the girls continued to flourish with both teams scoring before the final whistle.
It is very special and a privilege to see how well these girls are progressing at such a young age. There is so much to take on board when learning a new sport and while these girls continue to listen and apply the skills they have learnt in lessons, they will improve. Never stop striving to do your best, girls.
P.O.M – Ella
Team: Sofia H, Isabel S, India G, Venna M, Freya F, Emilia P, Ella A, Danielle W