Over the past few weeks, Prep School pupils have been busily preparing speeches for their applications to become one of the School’s Council members. For some this has involved learning what makes a great speech with several drafts and redrafts, to ensure those rhetorical questions and alliterations are on the tip of their tongues.

The School Council has three committees: the central School Council, the Food Committee and the Boarding Forum, with pupils choosing which of these three they would like to run for.

It has been fantastic to see the pupils become so enthusiastic and supportive of each other in what can be a nerve-wracking public-speaking task. Much of this has happened in form time with our dedicated staff coaching pupils to speak clearly and confidently whilst they performed their speeches. Pupils across the School have showed us what effective participators they are and have persevered and reflected on their speech content, perfecting it along the way.

In time for their first Council meeting, pupils voted their peers into these new positions. These roles are very important in the School community and allow student’s voices to be heard, using their experience and ideas to continue to improve their experience.

In Year 7 and 8 we have taken the challenge one step further, as Mr Tom Hoare, our new Head of History and Head of Year 7 & 8 reports.

Year 7 & 8 School Council Speeches and Vote

This week the Inner Hall resembled scenes from the Houses of Parliament as the Year 7 and 8 gathered to hear speeches from their year group for the School Council. I am delighted to report that our pupils were far better behaved and listened more respectfully than those in the London debating chambers.


Since the start of term, pupils in Year 7  and 8 have been given the opportunity to plan their campaign for election to the School Council. This has involved discussions with their tutor and working on persuasive speeches in English lessons. But moreover, pupils were encouraged to exemplify a Growth Mindset in rising to the challenge of speaking in front of their peers. It also dovetailed nicely into our PSHEE theme for this half term which is listening skills.

We had some fabulous results. Speeches were delivered with passion and commitment, which showed that pupils were clearly well rehearsed and thoroughly prepared. The ballot was taken and vote were counted and checked by a official adjudicator.

I would like to commend all Year 7&8 for the manner in which they conducted themselves and special mention to those who met the challenge and delivered their speeches. Well done.

School Council Representatives
Year 8
Isabella S
Arthur C
Nathan M

Year 7
Tuesday P
Summer N
Joel F

Food Committee Representatives
Year 8
Danny W
Luca P

Year 7
Aaron S
Freddie M