Congratulations to the nine Year 7 pupils who have been selected to be Librarians for this year: Harriet D, Ella B, Cara F, Tuesday P, Summer N, Hugo S, Alex S, Charlie B and William N. They have already proved to be a great asset to the School.

They were chosen because they were able to demonstrate that they are organised and responsible, with good attention to detail. All enjoy helping others and would like to encourage other pupils to read. Many pupils applied for the position and these were the successful candidates.

Library monitors take responsibility for being present at their scheduled time. They help to keep the library a safe, welcoming place where people can come to work, read or just find a quiet place. At some point, their job may be to collect a group of younger pupils from their classroom, bring them to the library, help them find and check out books and make sure they get back safely to their classrooms.

Working in the library involves many different tasks, such as:
Circulation Desk
Checking Books In and Out
Shelving and Tidying Shelves
Helping Pupils and Classes

When pupils are working and reading in the library they may be asked to help them to:

• find information on their research topic
• use the school computers
• find and categorise information
• edit written drafts
• find a particular book
• find a book written by a particular author
• give advice on choosing a book
• discuss books they have read
• stamping new books
• scanning the ISBN numbers
• putting on labels

We wish them all the best and we know that they will be a real credit to the School.