Our Reception children had the opportunity to visit the Clarke’s farm at Hevingham accompanied by our Headmaster Mr Crossly.
As part of their topic on animals they have been learning about baby animals and this year they were lucky to see a lamb that had just been born and also a calf born that morning. They were fascinated to see the new born lamb and calf already up on their legs and walking, something they realised they couldn’t do at that age!
They loved looking at the cows and the bull, wondering why he had a ring in his nose. Other animals on the farm included a horse,rabbits, guinea pigs, peacocks and possibly the highlight of the trip a litter of black Labradors.

Year 2 visited Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park.

The day started with blustery winds and a threat of rain but undeterred, Year 2 set off. The coach trip went smoothly and we arrived at the zoo in very good time and so were able to take a quick pit stop in the café for a drink before setting off around the grounds.
One group paid a visit to a rather loud and cross cockatoo, who was busy shouting and yelling for attention. Once charmed, the bird was very happy to have its feathers ruffled by teachers and children alike. In the pond close by, the children were fascinated to see a whole shoal of very large and impressive koi carp and mirror carp swimming by. “They’re huge, they must eat lots!” remarked Amaya. The crocodile house was another hit – “It can’t be real; it isn’t moving” said Zithelo. Just after he turned around to move away, the crocodile sneakily moved its head much to everyone’s delight!
The creatures that caused the most merriment were the monkeys who were busy calling each other across their compound, throats wobbling and mouths open to produce the most ear-splitting noise ever. Some gibbons with rather pink bottoms were also strangely fascinating to the children, particularly when the teenager of the group decided to stick its rump right up to the glass for all to view. Isabella found it all so funny she ended up crying with laughter.
The day finished with a play for all our very own little mammals in the maze and on the impressive play equipment. Lots of giggling and letting off steam followed. The trip home was uneventful and tired but happy children and staff were pleased to make it back after what was, a very informative and fun day out.