Year 4 went on their own special pilgrimage to Walsingham. The aim was for the children to look at the places of worship for different branches of Christianity and also to explore the subject of pilgrimage. In the morning our guides took us to an orthodox Russian church, a modern Roman Catholic church, built only 13 years ago and finally a Methodist chapel. The children were very interested to note the differences and were keen to express their preferences.
After lunch, we went into the Anglican shrine, where we were told about the story of Lady Richeldis and her vision that led to the first shrine being built in 1061. We heard about how thousands of people visited the shrine until Henry VIII destroyed it during the Reformation.The shrine was rebuilt around 1921 and once more became a centre for pilgrimage.
The children also had a chance to take part in the ‘sprinkling’ service if they wanted to. This only happens in Walsingham. Father Jones gave them a sip of water from a silver ladle and then put some on their fingers.
The children really enjoyed the trip and it led to much discussion on our return to school.